Burnett Creek Elementary Holiday Bazaar Pre-Order

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Holiday Bazaar at Burnett Creek Elementary

5700 N 50 W
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

Friday, December 6, 2019

Students shop from 9AM - 3:30PM
Open to the public from 3:30PM - 4:30 PM


Why Pre-Order?

At the elementary school holiday craft shows we deeply discount products for students to purchase for their family members. Items that will be available for purchase at the elementary schools. but are not yet listed in our online store are listed below. Please email for more details or to pre-pay for items in advance, so they are guaranteed to be available. Items go quickly.

Pre-ordering will help us have enough to go around. We would like to ensure that every child wanting to gift something like our popular wand keychains will be able to do so.

If you are interested in something that was advertised, but isn't yet listed in the store, please email us for more details. Some items may have already sold out.
Email james@geek-prints.com 

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Geek Prints make great gifts!

Matted Prints, frame size 8x10" - $7.00 each
Matted Prints, frame size 11x14" - $12.00 each
Unmatted Prints in small and large sizes $1 and up

We repurpose old books to make art prints. Vintage encyclopedia and dictionary pages make the perfect canvas. Heroes, silly animals, classic book quotes, movie stills and more adorn these recycled pages. Find your favorite Star Wars hero or villain then share! Makes a unique gift for those friends and family members that are hard to shop for.

Bottlecap, Scrabble Tile & Domino Jewelry - $3-5
Wear jewelry inspired by your favorite characters, Disney Princesses, Superheroes, TMNT, Tsum Tsums and more.

Elastic Hair Tie Bracelets - $1 &up
Sold separately and in packs with your favorite characters.

Mouse Ear Headbands - $15 &up
Polka Dot Minnie - $15
Sisters 4ever, Anna & Elsa -$20
The Little Mermaid - $25
Chewbacca - $25
Jessie, Toy Story - $20

Geeky Hair Clips - $3.50 &up

Penny Blossoms burned satin flowers - $3.50
Pac-Man with Pinky, Blinky & Inky - $5.00
Disney Princess Ribbon Sculptures - $7.50

Super Hero Tie Dye Tshirts

Prices range from $12 - $30 and vary based upon size and material. Batman and Mickey Mouse t-shirts are more expensive because of the added vinyl. Spiderman takes us  bit longer to make because of the hand inked lines on his mask.