Vintage Book Art Print - "French the Llama" - Nerdfighters Art

$ 5.00

Printed on paper from a vintage collegiate thesaurus, this makes a perfect gift for your Nerdfighter friends. Does someone special in your life watch the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green? They will love this print! This illustration helps decrease "World Suck" by promoting John Green's catch phrase, "French the Llama!" This phrase came into existence when during the 2009 Project for Awesome, author John Green did not know that FTL meant "For the Lose". A Nerdfighter told him that FTL stood for "French the Llama!" John has been trying to make it a catch phrase ever since.

French the Llama

This is not the actual page you will receive. The format for this print has changed slightly to allow for matting before framing. Graphic appears the same, but is slightly smaller than shown.

If you have a specific word page you would like to have this printed on just ask! We will try to accommodate any requests.

SIZE: 6.5 x 9.5"

Recycled, repurposed and reused for the planet, a vintage book art print.
This art is printed on a vintage book page. Each page is carefully removed from these old books and given new life by upcycling it into a unique piece of art for your walls.
These pages make a beautiful canvas with their vintage look and feel.
Help rescue these books in hopes they may be enjoyed as art for years to come.

Guaranteed shipped in 1-2 days.
Packaged in a protective clear plastic sleeve and shipped flat in rigid, stay-flat mailers.
All set up and ready for framing!!
Orders are shipped by USPS First Class mail.

Each print is on a page of vintage paper.
We use vintage dictionaries and other books that have a patina with age and will vary in color. Feels like history to the touch. No valuable or rare books were harmed in the making of our book art. These prints are made from castoffs headed for the landfill.

Each of our prints are designed and printed in our home studio and shipped with care.

Items do not come matted or framed. This listing is for purchasing just the print. Convo for custom orders for matted and framed items.

OH and Don't Forget to be AWESOME!

Design by James Stanchfield

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